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Business Talk 2022- Operation Give Back

OGB podcast

Sheila Lichtenberg, Exective Director, with Operation Give Back (OGB) joined us for this segment of Business Talk. OGB is a non-profit organization, located in Blue Ash, providing assistance to children and families living in the Blue Ash, Montgomery, Sharonville, Sycamore Township and Symmes communities. They have been around for 20 years helping the local community. 

What services and programs does OGB provide the local community?

  1. After-school tutoring program 3 days a week. Students are deteremined by the school and teachers that have the most need. Right now there is over 40 students from the Sycamore School Systems. There are 70-80 tutors, varying in age, currently volunteering their time to teach these students. Some companies allow employees to leave work a few hours early to tutor the students to finish up their work day. 
  2. OGB has has a Food Pantry, an opportunity to sponsor a family, and a back to school drive. 
    1. The food pantry is made up of donations from local businesses, churches, and other organizations. 
    2. OGB hopes that they can lessen the financial burden on these families by giving them food for the month. This way that money that was to be used on food can go to a bill to keep electricity on or pay the rent. 
    3. They serve over 3000 people with the food panty. There has been a 30% increase in pantry use recently. 

 How can local companies support OGB?

  1.  Donate to the community food panty. Donations keep the pantry stocked and ready for these families to get what they need. 
  2. There are 2 opportunities for give back programs: School Supply Giveaway and Annual Holiday Store
    1. Back to school Drive collects new items from drives that happen at churches, schools, and businesses. The students get a new backpack and school supplies to start the new school year. This year they gave away 725 backpacks. 
    2. The Annual Holiday Store: donations of new toys and clothes from newborn to 18 years old is needed. Nearly 900 kids will get clothes, toys, and food for Christmas so they do not go without. OGB starts collecting 6 to 8 months prior to the holiday store opening. 
  3. Allow employees to tutor for a few hours one day a week to finish their work day.
  4. Donations are the biggest and most important thing anyone can do.What makes OGB unique compared to other non-profits? 3 mile radius of families. helping the local need.

What makes OGB unique compared to other non-profits?

  1. OGB helps families within a 3 mile radius of OGB. They focus and take pride in helping children and families locally. 

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