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Business Talk - Saxon and Healthcare for Small Businesses

Saxon Business Talk Video

Jamie Charlton, Partner with Saxon & Healthcare for Small Businesses joins us on our September Business Talk Show to discuss the importance of healthcare in small business! Saxon Financial has been active for 20+ years as a business!

HR departments are starting to decide which benefits they want for the 2023 year right now for January enrollment! 

Jamie explains what formfire is and what it does for small businesses. Formfire is one option for employers to offer to employees to make decisions on their benefits. Saxon also offers other opportunities of underwriting if employers do not want to mess with all the details and submitting of benefits. 

The purpose of formfire helps the companies with healthy employees keep the good rates and keep them. 

Jamie explains the importance of the affordable care act. The best way to explain it is by capping the premium due to pre-existing conditions that exist with employees. Rates can go extremely high if there is no cap on insurance premiums if your employees have pre-existing conditions. 

Saxon has a niche for individual Medicare plans. They have a whole department devoted to covering those people. Enrollment starts in October and goes through December. Now is the best time to get the help you need regarding those benefits!

Saxon focuses on the companies with 2-300 employers for a more personal and attentive relationship. The majority of Saxons business comes from the companies with 20-100 employees. Saxon takes pride in the relationships they grow with the small businesses and their ability to help quickly when questions arise. They are known for their hands on assistance during the complex process. Saxon has extensive knowledge and many of years of service to prove that. Enrolling can get confusing and frustrating. There is now an application process created that can be completed on the smartphone or online by the employee to keep from losing the papers!

Let Saxon be that source for the small businesses that need help with healthcare benefits. Saxon is that full-service company that can take all the heavy lifting of decisions to get your employees the best benefits to retain them! 

Saxon is community driven and feels that you have to give back. To view more about Saxon, visit 

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