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Learning Grove Business Talk 2022

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Learning Grove Business Talk 2022

Jun 8, 2022
Learning Grove Business Talk Video

Patti Gleason, the Chief Operating Officer explains why Learning Grove is different, the programs they offer, and the importance of quality for early childhood education! View the video for more information or view the website for information! 

In 2020, two prominent childcare providers Cincinnati Early Learning Centers (CELC) and Children Inc. merged to become Learning Grove. Learning Grove was created with the idea of expanding services and providing childcare for more families and children. With a strong focus on community, we are committed to serving a diverse racial and socioeconomic population. We are now able to reach more children and families and continue to help our community thrive. Our services start from pre-natal all the way to college and career and we are now focusing on childcare for businesses and employers. 


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