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St. Joseph Home Business Talk Interview 2022

St. Joseph Home Interview

Dan Connors with St. Joseph home explains just how important they are to the community and families all around. Listen to the interview to find out how you can be a part of this great organization and employment opportunities for the rising demand. 

St. Joseph Home is a non-profit ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, founded in 1873, that serves people of all faiths. St. Joseph Home provides systems of support for individuals of all ages with complex disabilities, and their families, through residential, respite, and adult day programs. St. Joseph Home programs are designed for medically fragile children and adults who have complex disabilities, are non-verbal, and use a wheelchair. Some were born with disability while others live with disability after incident, illness, or accident. St. Joseph Home is the only organization of its kind in the Hamilton County/Tristate area. There are other organizations that offer portions of the services we provide, such as either day programs or community-based residences. But no other organization offers the complete range of residential, respite, and day programs for individuals with such complex needs. We have 1 of only 5 certified pediatric ventilator units in the state, and the only Respite Center that is equipped to care for this population. 

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